Prime Minister's Kissan Package

Pakistan is an Associate in Nursing agricultural country, and a major portion of its economy is directly connected with agricultural products. it's an undeniable fact that solely a few are of the farmers/cultivators are affluent and self-sustaining enough to take care of top-quality farming, yielding giant quantities of crops, and earning handsome capital. Most of the farmer's ar poor, or don't have enough resources to earn a good living.   

Prime Minister of West Pakistan, being cognizant of this very fact, declared a historical relief package in Oct 2015, for benefiting the poor farmers of West Pakistan, particularly those that sustained damages and loss to the land of cotton and sugarcane, throughout the 2015 floods. it absolutely was set that relief packages are going to be provided to the poor farmers having twelve.5 acres of land, in order that they will purchase quality seeds and manure for magnified production.

Cash support amounting to a complete of thirty-two billion was aimed at learning one.6 million farmers

The program was launched by then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Lodhran and Sialkot districts on fifth November 2015. In Punjab, with shut coordination of PDMA, 166 Disbursement Centres were established in thirty-three districts, wherever representatives of PITB, Urban Unit, NADRA, Bank of Punjab, and full-service bank of West Pakistan conducted One Window operation, facilitating two hundred individuals on the average daily at every center, therefore creating the dream of facilitating the poor, an obvious reality. the govt has doled out all doable efforts to make sure transparency and answerableness.

This historical and exemplary relief package is secure to be a significant milestone for the poor farmers in their struggle for survival

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